Settling the Age-Old Debate: Wallpaper Vs. Paint

Settling the Age-Old Debate: Wallpaper Vs. Paint

Ah, the age-old discussion of whether homeowners should paint their walls or apply wallpaper. The two options for wall coverings have their pros and cons. Home wall painting services will usually offer you both options to choose from. Your preferences on how you want your walls to look and the kind of home you live in play a part in your decision. Functionality surely is key, and this blog is here to take a deep dive into wallpapers and paint from Perigold and the pros and cons of both. 

Wallpaper vs. Paint:  Pain Points to Keep in Mind 

Perigold’s benefits for wallpaper and paint on your walls are endless. Both wall coverings are beautiful, and it only comes down to personal preference. Other factors come into play, like how often you get bored with your wall coverings and want to replace them. Another factor to remember is whether you wish to go the DIY route, apply the paint layers, or wallpaper yourself. Affordability and durability are important when choosing any home decor. You also need to keep in mind your current interior design.

If you have a simpler decor, you can choose whether a vibrant wallpaper or a muted shade of paint will suit your walls better. It all depends on what goes with your furniture, especially your window coverings. A lot of people like their wall coverings to complement their window coverings. Here are some pain points of comparison between choosing wallpaper or paint for your walls.

1. Variety and Options 

Wallpapers come in more options, with vibrant designs or muted colors. However, recently, a trend has been to create DIY designs with paint on your walls. Nonetheless, professionals can customize your walls with paint or wallpaper. You can customize your child’s playroom or bedroom with adorable animals or cartoons. So, this pain point is split between wallpapers and paint because both come in various options.

2. Ease of Application

Ease of Application

When painting your walls, you can go down the DIY lane, but wallpaper is a completely different ballgame. Experts better handle wallpapers because their application needs precision.

On the other hand, new wallpapers can’t go on top of the old ones if you want to renovate. However, new layers of paint can go over the old layers during renovation. The application and removal processes of both are equally time-consuming and complicated. So, painting your walls wins this round.

3. Durability 

Wallpapers last up to 15 years, whereas painted walls last up to 5 or 6 years. However, wallpapers are not resistant to damage and tears. Paint also fades when exposed to sunlight and other factors. Replacing damaged wallpaper is nothing less than a headache, but professionals can handle it. Cracks or flakes can often plague paint, and walls require a new layer of paint. In summary, wallpaper wins this round.

4. Affordability 


In the short run, installation and buying wallpapers are more expensive. But, concerning how often repainting walls is required, paint is more expensive in the long run. But it is also important to note that home painting services for wall paint are cheaper than for wallpapers. Wallpapering requires precision and skill, making it more expensive. But you also need to replace your wallpaper. Therefore, paint is more affordable in the short run, and wallpaper is more affordable in the long run.

5. Usage 

Excessive heat can negatively affect painted walls through cracks or damage. On the other hand, moisture, humidity, and pollution can damage wallpapers. You definitely cannot keep wallpapers in kitchens or bathrooms. They are sure to spoil from the steam and moisture. So, paint wins this round since it is more versatile in terms of usage.

6. Ease of Removal

Ease of Removal

Paint and wallpaper have both proven themselves to be difficult to remove. However, removing wallpaper is less time-consuming and easier compared to scraping off paint. However, you can apply a new layer of paint instead of always removing the old one. In this case, we think wallpaper is easier to remove than paint.

7. Preparation Time 

The preparation and installation of wallpapers are expensive and take much longer than painting. Paint is fairly easy to prepare and apply to your walls. The cost of dressing your walls with paint is also less than wallpaper. Paint can disguise imperfections on walls, whereas wallpaper highlights them.

Do You Need to Settle This Debate of Wallpaper vs. Paint?

An option most home painting services offer is for you to have the best of both worlds! This is perfect for homeowners who are looking for maximalist or high-fashion homes. If you would not dedicate yourself to one piece of clothing for a decade, there’s no reason your walls should either.

You can get wallpaper on some walls and paint on others for a good contrast. Just don’t apply this design idea to your kitchen or bathroom! But if you want to choose, consider your area of residence first. High-traffic areas are not suitable for wallpapers. On the other hand, areas that are too hot are not suitable for wall paint.

But you can also base your decision on the points given above. We have provided a comparison of all the points you need to remember.


We hope this guide on wallpaper vs. paint helped you settle it. Wallpaper is perfect for those homeowners who can afford professional help and own permanent houses. On the other hand, paint is perfect for students, minimalists, and those living in rented houses.

You can get a range of home painting and wallpaper services from Perigold! We pride ourselves on making homes look beautiful and well-maintained. Whether you want custom paint, custom wallpapers, or both, we have the best options for your home.

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