Reasons Why Pubg Is Better Than Free Fire?

Reasons Why Pubg Is Better Than Free Fire?

People are constantly searching for cutting-edge methods to spice up their free time in the world of games. The advent of mobile apps allowed gamers to finally live out their dreams as they provided all the cutting-edge features and visuals required to maximize leisure time. The most well-known app-based lite games with diverse visuals, gameplay, and graphics are pubg vs free fire. Pubg is better than free fire, giving mobile users the much-needed outlet for those who enjoy fighting games and firearms.

Pubg Is Better than Free Fire?


Since free fire and public mobile were made available to the public in 2017, they have been in fierce competition. Although Free Fire is more well-liked than PUBG when compared to each other. Learn how and why Free Fire became the most downloaded and well-known shooting game app in the google play store

One of the most downloaded shooting games, Free Fire, has received over 500 million downloads on Google Play and the App Store. PUBG, in contrast, has a 100 million download rate, and Google Trends identifies various popularity tracks for each of them.

Which Is Better: Free Fire Or Pubg?

Over 100 million people have downloaded PUBG mobile gaming, and 13 million gave it a rating of 4.5 stars. Over 100 million people have downloaded Free Fire, 21 million have given it a rating of 4.5 stars, and free fire offers more.

Here, we’ve developed various comparison standards to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both crazy games. The two facts inform us of the popularity of both Free Fire and PUBG. We can see that the rivalry is not one-sided but that Free Fire is seriously challenging PUBG.

PUBG Vs Free Fire: Real-Like Experience & Graphics

The graphics in PUBG can be modified to fit mobile requirements. You can play the game with low graphics instead of high graphics if you use a low CPU and GPU device. You can play very comfortably with high graphics using a high-end device. The PUBG graphics appear incredibly realistic, improving the gaming experience and making pubg better than free fire. Through maps, you can view stunning landscapes, a nighttime sky filled with stars, a long stretch of arid desert covered in rain and fog, and more and it has the best personal perspective.

 Free Fire was made for low-end devices by its designers. This indicates that you can play this game at the highest graphic setting, even on low-end devices. There are places worth visiting.

The Final Battle For Both Games

Both games’ battle royale mode is the most captivating and thrilling because it pits random players against one another in a real-time struggle for survival. While Free Fire only lets you play the battle game with 50 players number of players, PUBG supports a total of 100 players, and therefore pubg is better than free fire.

 Players in both games must save themselves while also killing other players in shrinking zones. Scavenging resources and exploration options are also available.

Pubg Is Better than Free Fire Gameplay Maps

Free Fire includes the Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari maps. While PUBG offers a variety of maps that take you to various continents and islands for an exciting gameplay experience. These places include Erangel (Default Map), the Miramar desert locations, the snowy Vikendi, the soggy Sanhok, and other dangerous shooting hotspots like

  • Pochinki
  • Military camps

Character Variations

Pubg 1

Character Variations in PUBG and Free Fire Both PUBG and Free Fire offer players a variety of characters. While Free Fire has many characters, the former has just four. PUBG does not provide a selection of characters for the Battle Royale mode, but as you advance in the game, you can equip your characters with lavish costumes. On the contrary,

You’ll be drawn to the attractive characters in Free Fire. Each character has unique qualities you can use to improve your gaming and aid victory.

The Game Features In PUBG Are Better

Scavenging is often a part of a game’s adventure. What fun is it to win in PUBG or Free Fire by getting “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” or “Booyah”? Isn’t it more thrilling to bravely engage the opposition in rugged terrain and take chances with looting airdrops?

 In terms of vehicles, PUBG offers

  • A jeep
  • Truck
  • Van
  • A helicopter, Jet Ski
  • Buggy
  • Even a motorcycle

 In contrast, a truck, sports cars, motorcycles, tuk-tuks, tempo, amphibious motorcycles, and more are available in Free Fire. Garena free fire is an arena-type game moving. Consequently, both games let you experience a variety of vehicles. However, unlike PUBG, Free Fire offers fewer loot options during airdrops.

Variety Of Guns And Weapons

The variety of guns and weapons available in shooting games and how authentic they feel to use are its main draws. The top weapons in PUBG are the Groza, M416, AWM, AKM, M24, Mk14 EBR, and others. And Free Fire has a wide variety of weapons, including the RGS50, Gatling 1200, Katana, MGL140, and P90 50. If you’ve played PUBG, you know how crucial 8X scope is, but in Free Fire, you can only get up to 4X. In addition, Free Fire does not have an accurate shooting effect due to a lack of recoil. As a result, both gaming apps feature a wide variety of rifles, shotguns, and pistols. And Both these games can easily download on both android and ios.

Why Is Pubg Better than Free Fire?

An app’s size has an impact on how much battery is used. While PUBG requires a whopping 2GB of data, Free Fire only uses about 706MB. As a result, Free Fire uses less battery on mobile devices than PUBG does.

Free Fire Vs PUBG: Differences In Match Game Time

A PUBG match typically lasts 40 to 45 minutes if you play to the end. Given that one game on Free Fire lasts roughly 10 to 20 minutes, you can play two games concurrently. As we previously discussed, free Fire has smaller maps and only allows 50 players. Sometimes the safe zone only shrinks by three times before the game ends.


What makes PUBG the most excellent game?

The accuracy of the weapons is one of PUBG’s best features. Given the history of the games, this makes sense. Each weapon has a distinct behavior, mainly when the variety of attachments is considered. Wind, recoil, distance, and weather can also impact a gun.

Who is the best at Free Fire or PUBG?

One hundred million users have downloaded PUBG mobile, while roughly 500 million have downloaded Free Fire.

Last Words

Even though some claim that pubg is better than free fire, the numbers behind downloads and ratings tell a different tale. As a result, we have created this blog post, “PUBG vs. FreeFire,” which is the popular vote game, to outline the differences between the two. In terms of graphics, weapons, and a realistic gaming experience, PUBG is unrivaled, as we have seen. However, it uses a lot of mobile battery life and calls for a lot of memory and a faster processor. Additionally, updates take up a lot of memory. But if you start playing PUBG Lite, you can address these problems.

On the other hand, Free Fire takes up less memory on mobile devices and is a good option if you want to play an entertaining game without expecting a realistic gaming experience. You can choose whichever you like because both have advantages and disadvantages. In all sincerity! After enjoying PUBG, I found Free Fire challenging for the next match.

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