Introducing PUBG MOBILE C2S5 New Redemption Shop

Introducing PUBG MOBILE C2S5 New Redemption Shop

Introducing the New Redemption Shop for pubg mobile c2s5. The new season of PUBG MOBILE is finally here! Additionally, it falls on PUBG MOBILE’s 4th Anniversary! To experience the game’s distinctive theme, players can go to Mode Selection – Ranked Mode – Erangel-Themed Map/Livik-Themed Map. A brand-new pubg mobile c2s5 redemption shop has been released along with the 1.9 updates. With the opening of the new Redemption Shop, players who play the game now have the option to purchase exclusive gear.

Of course, many mobile games and prizes for this special occasion are planned. So let’s examine what it has. There is new Cycle 2 Season 5 gear now that the new season has arrived. New legendary items include the

  • C2S5 Cover
  • C2S5 Mask
  • C2S5 Set
  • C2S5 Parachute
  • C2S5 – MK14
  • C2S5 glasses

On the pubg mobile c2s5 season page, you can now see a preview of the sets and effects. You can have them if you meet the conditions.

Updated Pubg Mobile C2S5 Reward Redemption Procedures

Introducing PUBG MOBILE C2S5 New Redemption Shop

This season has also updated reward redemption procedures to play the game and added a new Redemption Shop. By the season purchase limits, it also modified the redemption cap. Take advantage of this because the items frequently change!

Remember to look at the achievements with an anniversary theme. As long as the Anniversary Themed game mode is running, you can collect them. Get as many as you can to gain access to special rewards and commemorative titles. There have also been a few minor changes to the Recall mechanic. Your Survival Rating will now rise in proportion to how frequently you remember lost teammates.

Download The New Update To Get The More Exclusive Things From PUBG Mobile C2S5

Both iOS and Android devices have the new update installed. Players who download the latest update between March 21 and March 22 will be given a free Nocturnal Rhapsody helmet, 3,000 Battle Points, and 100 Ace Gold C2S5. The number of players remembered in the game is now used to calculate the Survival Rating; the higher the Survival Rating, the more players are placed. After the death of recalled teammates, each player has one chance to re-enter the fray.

The update’s design was created to enhance the entire mobile games experience and provide a satisfyingly thrilling memory to live by. The update will allow players enormous color statues thanks to a feature called “Dye-able Statues.” On Spawn Island, players can use four different kinds of Colored Balls to paint the four enormous statues in their preferred color to start a themed mode performance.

Change In The Ranked Classic Mode Team

New Cycle 2 Season 5 has updated redeemable rewards, added a redemption shop, and changed the redemption limit and season purchase limit. There have also been changes to the ranked classic mode team. Classic mode teams of players in the Bronze-Platinum, Gold-Diamond, Diamond-Crown, and Crown-PUBG Conqueror tiers are permitted. To prevent congestion, the intensity of the countdown reminder in the play zone has been lowered. By selecting the trash can icon, a feature allowing the backpack to be closed has been added. This backpack has space for colourful bikes and functions as a one-person vehicle that is impervious to damage and requires no refuelling or charging.

Use PUBG Redeem Codes To Obtain Free Items

There are numerous ways to find legendary items in PUBG Mobile. You have two options: using the battle royale Pass or using UC to open crates (Unknown Cash). You can use this to find rare outfits, emotes, vehicle skins, gun skins, and other items.

Many players of pubg mobile spend a lot of money on them, but not everyone can. You must buy a battle royale pass for only some seasons or open lucky crates with your monthly salary or pocket money.

Therefore, in this circumstance, we can use pubg mobile Redeem Codes to obtain free items such as pubg popularity, gun skins, mythic outfits, UC hacks, and many other expensive items. We can get free Pubg items and skins by using free Redeem codes.

How To Redeem Codes For PUBG Mobile

Introducing PUBG MOBILE C2S5 New Redemption Shop 1

The “Redemption Center” page on PUBG’s website is a new location where redeem codes can be used. Any player can now access new items in their PubG ID using this tool. 

Visit the Open Redemption Center & PUBG Official Website.

The first character id, second redeem code, and final verification code are in those three boxes. You must enter the correct information here before selecting the Redeem option.

Open the Pubg PC or mobile app to find your character ID. Additionally, you can find the character id for your PubG account in your profile. 

  • Once the character id, redeem code or verification code has been entered successfully. To save, click the button.
  • After that, as soon as you log into your account in pubg mobile, you should be able to get your luxury items for free.
  • Redemption Center PUBG Redeem Codes can only be used in this manner.

Mobile Redeem Codes For PUBG

  • Get 3 Motorcycles with code TQIZBz76F
  • New Skin for the M16A4 Gun, S78FTU2XJ
  • All Users’ TQIZBZ76F Motor Vehicle Skin
  • PGHZDBTFZ95U – Temporary The first 5000 players only get the M416 skin
  • Get a Free Companion with R89FPLM9S
  • Get also a  Free Skin for the KAR98 Sniper Gun with KARZBZYTR

How Do You Get PUBG Redeem Rewards?

You will only automatically receive your reward in your account after using a PubG redeem code. It would help if you retrieved your gift through the mailbox to use it.

You can receive messages, freebies (such as rare skins, legendary outfits, silver fragments, and BP Coins), and in-game notifications through the pub mailbox feature. You can use the mailbox to claim a gift that you received from a third-party website.

Open your PubG mobile account first.

  • Visit your mailbox
  • Then, your received gift will appear in the mailbox
  • Just tab over that gift
  • Now select Collect to take advantage of your free item
  • Boom! enjoy, friend
  • Finally

The C2S5-themed shop sells exclusive gear that players can purchase. In addition, Cycle Memories now offers new missions and rewards to complete. Additionally, the game is adjusting the teams’ ranges and modifying its Survival Rating calculation to take player recalls into account.


How do I use the UC code for PUBG on my phone?

It would help if you went to PUBG Mobile’s official website. Enter the code and your player id. For the redemption of your code, click OK. Upon Midasbuy’s acceptance of the redemption, you will receive the UC in your PUBG mobile account.

How can I improve my chances of obtaining the PUBG M416 glacier skin?

By opening the Glacier crate, you must tap the glacier skin icon 3–5 times continuously. You’ll have a better chance of obtaining the PUBG M416 glacier skin if you do this.

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