Ideas For Decorating With Garden Windows

Ideas For Decorating With Garden Windows

Garden windows are a great place to showcase knick-knacks like photos, figurines, and decorative pots. They are also a great spot to grow herbs for cooking or hydroponic microgreens.

Just be careful not to overcrowd the space, as this can spoil the effect of natural light. Odd numbers of items look better than even numbers.

Decorating With Garden Windows



Garden windows are smaller than bay or bow windows but offer significant plant space. Typically found in kitchens, they’re a natural choice for growing cooking herbs. Herbs like parsley, basil, and cilantro require a lot of sunlight for growth, and having them within reach while cooking will make your meals taste much better.

Kitchen garden windows can also display decorative items like shells, candles, or snow globes. They are ideal for displaying treasured photos of family members as well. The narrow spaces within the shelves can also serve as an excellent showcase for figurines or other knick-knacks.


Garden windows let in a lot of natural light, so they’re ideal for flowers. Choose fragrant blooms in season or colorful repeat-blooming ones to decorate your garden window.

A small herb garden is another idea for your garden window, especially if you cook. Use the space to grow herbs like basil or rosemary that you can harvest for your recipes.

Garden windows also work well as a display nook for photos or figurines. Just make sure the objects you select complement the room’s color scheme. Odd numbers of things look better than even ones, and there should always be a focal point to draw the eye. Add a little flair with a petite fairy garden or a miniature statue.


Whether adding a pop of color or creating an alluring display, candles in garden windows can be powerful decor statements. Repurpose jars or bottles to hold candlesticks, or buy inexpensive glass at the thrift shop or Dollar Tree.

Add a touch of sentimentality to your garden window by displaying family photos or memorabilia. Alternatively, use your garden window as an edible growing space by planting herbs for cooking or hydroponic microgreens.

Garden windows make excellent displays for vases, flowers, and other decorative pieces. Curve up a pumpkin or set out wintry decorations like eucalyptus, pinecones, and a few wintry figurines for a holiday look. A pretty curtain to frame your window dresses up the nook and draws attention to what’s inside it.


Garden windows offer a unique opportunity to bring personality and style to a kitchen. But too many decorations or knick-knacks can overpower the space and detract from the natural beauty that a garden window already provides.

Instead of going overboard with decorating ideas, opt for a simple, classic look that creates a serene and inviting atmosphere. Choose one plant as the centerpiece and accent it with a few candleholders to add warmth and character to the window.

Since garden windows have narrow spaces, they’re perfect for displaying small trinkets you want to showcase, like framed photos of friends and family members or figurines and other collectibles. You can also swap out seasonal decorations to keep your garden window looking fresh throughout the year.

Bonsai Tree

A bonsai tree is a versatile and unique decoration for your garden window. It has been used in Asian cultures for centuries to represent longevity because of its aesthetically pleasing natural appearance and calming vibes.

A bonsai is a living work of art that requires meticulous training and attention to detail to maintain its shape. You can decorate it by placing it in a decorative pot with other objects, such as gnome homes or miniature sen gardens.

Displaying decorative items in your garden windows is an easy way to dress up a plain room. However, leaving the space with only a few objects is essential, or the natural light may need to be clearer. Instead, pick a few things that reflect your style and stick to that theme for the best results.

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