How To Use New Weapons & Vehicles In PUBG MOBILE

How to Use New Weapons & Vehicles in PUBG MOBILE?

The long-awaited 0.8.0 update is now finally available to many players. The PUBG mobile game, accessible through the Google Play Store, lags significantly behind its Chinese counterpart. However, the latest 0.8.0 update includes enhancements and new content in the latest video! Like the introduction and use of new weapons in PUBG mobile. The update itself is 1.5 GB on Android, to start.



The game now has a brand-new map called Sanhok. The other two maps are much larger than this one (Erangel and Miramar). As a result, the game would end sooner, and players would need to be more cautious when exploring.

The Erangel waiting area is another noticeable change. Players are now situated on a constantly shifting theme park map rather than a broken plane waiting area in a battle royale. Ten throwables in the shape of apples are also provided to players for target practice.

New Automobiles and Vehicles!


New automobiles and weapon vehicles are also made available. And also the use of new weapons in PUBG Mobile. A four-seat muscle car comes in both a hard-top and a convertible version. The bulletproof UAZ is another brand-new and popular automobile. It has four seats and can deflect bullets to protect players inside, like the other UAZs (see vehicles). The play zone is the only place where this effect is used.

  • Tactical crossbow
  • NS2000 Shotgun

It is now available to PUBG players.


Additionally, a brand-new shotgun attachment called the Duckbill narrows the vertical spread and widens the horizontal spread.


As the introduction states, Braxton is an expert in snipers and assault rifles. Any sniper Braxton can find what he uses. He frequently uses Kar98 because it is accessible from buildings. Braxton specializes in AWM. He also employs 6x or 8x, a Flash Hider, a Check Pad, and the Snipers.

Because sniping is about shooting accurately and from a distance, Braxton should use a 6x or 8x. Braxton says he employs a flash hider more frequently than a suppressor because the latter helps him conceal his location when he is hiding. He doesn’t need a suppressor because he typically camps on top of buildings and tall mountains to hide from enemies.


The M416 is the assault rifle that goes with his sniper rifle. One of the best and most fantastic assault rifles in the game is, without a doubt, this one. The ability to attach various attachments to the gun makes it very stable and precise.

Braxton uses the M416 to complete the task when facing a jumper (enemies that jump and zig-zag are harder to hit). His favorite gun accessory is an AR Compensator, which helps stabilize the weapon even when shooting from a medium to long distance.

Design of M416

Because the gun is not too opaque, he uses a 3x scope in addition to it. Due to the larger scope view, the 3x is simpler to aim. The M416’s Tack Stock was explicitly designed to lessen recoil, which makes the weapon more stable. The Light Grip is an additional attachment that Braxton uses with the M416.

Further, reducing the recoil with a light grip, The Quickdraw Extended Mag that Braxton uses with the other attachments significantly speeds up firing and expands the magazine’s capacity.

Assault rifle 12 gauge shells and an SMG are Felicia’s go-to two-gun combinations.


The M416 is her preferred assault rifle, and the UMP9 is her preferred submachine gun. Felicia installs a 4x scope on the M416. A 4x is more than adequate for her because she is a player close to the mid-range. She passes the 6x to her teammates because she rarely goes for a far kill. She also employs an AR Compensator to lessen recoil when firing at foes.

Because it is simpler to locate and the M416 is designed to protect her from enemies at medium range, Felicia chooses to use an Extended Mag rather than a Quickdraw Extended Mag. She employs a Vertical grip to minimize recoil and prevent vertical spread.

Assault Rifle, AKM

The Assault Rifle,

  • AKM
  • The DMR
  • SLR

Are Gan Chen Chong’s go-to weapon combinations? Because it is a complete Assault Rifle with few attachments, Chen Chong prefers the AKM.

Recommended Settings

Using these settings, the player will become an expert in the game. And will learn how to use new weapons in PUBG Mobile.


The gyroscope is typically off. When your device has a gyroscope, your screen will move whenever you move it. As a result, if you unintentionally move your device, your game character will too. It is not advised to use this scope as players might unintentionally shake their phones during an emergency, which could affect their aim or field of vision. Use new weapons in PUBG Mobile by following the techniques!

Three Fingers’ Players

This control setting is advised for players who prefer to play with three fingers to control their weapon better. However, this configuration also works well for players who use two fingers.

Using Two Fingers

This setting can significantly lower the likelihood of accidentally starting a fire for players with two fingers. Players can concentrate on swiping their right thumb across the screen. The lower button on the left will be used as the fire button. This is so that players can move their view when shooting enemies rather than moving their character, which is what the navigation button on the left does. As a result, players can use their left thumb to fire while using their right thumb to move the screen when facing an opponent.

Improve Weapon Control and Use New Weapons in PUBG Mobile

Additionally, when shooting continuously, this can be used to improve weapon control. Players can use their right thumb to steady the weapon while using their left thumb to fire. Important buttons have also been enlarged in size. This may make it simpler and quicker for players to press the button.

The fire button on the upper left will be used when playing with three fingers. Players will simultaneously view with their right thumb, move their character with their left thumb, and press the fire button with their left index finger.

Bottom Line!

Players with more gaming experience are advised to use this method because it takes some practice and is challenging to master. Professional players occasionally employ the four-finger claw hold technique. Players can open the scope and fire more quickly using this technique and the three-finger technique’s advantages.


In PUBG’s lobby, how do you equip weapons?

* In the lobby, click “INVENTORY.”
* Choose the “Pistol” or “Steering wheel” icon from the right panel.
* Select the weapon or vehicle you want to see in the lobby from the list of weapons and vehicles on the left side of the main icons.

How do we use new weapons and vehicles in PUBG mobile image results?

The tactical crossbow and the NS2000 Shotgun are now available to PUBG players.

How do I find and use new weapons in PUBG MOBILE?

Explore buildings and areas on the map where loot spawns to find new weapons. Watch for weapon icons and interact with them to pick up the weapon. To use the weapon, equip it from your inventory and aim and shoot using the on-screen controls.

Are new weapons more potent than the existing ones?

New weapons in PUBG Mobile can vary in terms of power and effectiveness. Some may offer unique features or have higher damage output, while others excel in different situations. It’s essential to read the weapon’s statistics, experiment with it, and consider your play style to determine its effectiveness.

How do I obtain and utilize new vehicles in PUBG Mobile?

Vehicles can be found scattered throughout the map or located in specific areas, such as garages or roadsides. Approach a vehicle and interact with it to enter. Once inside, you can drive the vehicle using the designated controls and use it to travel faster or seek cover during engagements.

Can I customize or upgrade new weapons and vehicles?

Yes, in PUBG Mobile, you can often find attachments for weapons, such as scopes, magazines, and grips, enhancing their performance. Additionally, vehicles can sometimes be customized with different paint jobs or accessories, improving their appearance but not functionality.

How can I stay updated on new weapons and vehicles in PUBG Mobile?

To stay informed about the latest additions to PUBG Mobile, check official sources such as the game’s website, social media channels, or in-game announcements. These platforms often provide updates, patch notes, and information on new weapons, vehicles, and other gameplay features.

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