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How to Sign Up for Walmart Plus: Your Ultimate Guide

In this digital age, online shopping has become a convenient and preferred way for millions to purchase everyday essentials. Walmart, one of the world’s largest retail chains, understands the importance of offering customers a seamless online shopping experience. With that in mind, they introduced Walmart Plus, a membership program that provides numerous benefits, such as fast and free delivery, exclusive deals, and more. This comprehensive guide will walk you through signing up for Walmart Plus, explore its benefits, and address frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

What is Walmart Plus?

Walmart offers its customers Walmart Plus, also known as Walmart+, a subscription-based program. It is designed to enhance the shopping experience for frequent Walmart online shoppers. Members can access various benefits by subscribing to Walmart Plus, which makes shopping more convenient, affordable, and efficient.

The Benefits of Walmart Plus

The Benefits of Walmart Plus

Free Unlimited Delivery:

One of the most significant benefits of Walmart Plus is free, unlimited delivery on eligible orders. Members can enjoy the luxury of receiving their favorite products at their doorstep without any additional shipping charges. This is particularly advantageous for regular Walmart shoppers who rely on the convenience of online shopping.

Fast Delivery:

Walmart Plus members can use fast delivery options, ensuring their orders are delivered promptly. Customers may even receive same-day or next-day delivery in some areas, making Walmart Plus a game-changer for time-sensitive purchases.

Member Prices on Fuel:

For those who own a vehicle and regularly visit Walmart for fuel, Walmart Plus offers an added perk. Members can save money on fuel purchases at Walmart and Murphy USA fuel stations. With rising fuel prices, this benefit can lead to significant savings over time.

Mobile Scan & Go:

Walmart Plus members can make their in-store shopping experience faster and more convenient with Mobile Scan & Go. This feature allows members to use the Walmart app to scan items as they shop and pay directly through their phone, bypassing checkout lines altogether.

Save with Member Prices:

Exclusive discounts and member-only prices are available to Walmart Plus subscribers. These savings can extend to many products, offering significant cost benefits for frequent Walmart shoppers.

No Order Minimum for Delivery:

Unlike other online shopping services, Walmart Plus doesn’t require a minimum order value for free delivery. This flexibility allows members to order as much or as little as they need without worrying about meeting a specific spending threshold.

Convenient Return Process:

Walmart Plus subscribers enjoy a hassle-free return process. If they need to return an item, they can initiate the process online and quickly drop off the product at a nearby Walmart store.

How to Sign Up for Walmart Plus

How to Sign Up for Walmart Plus

Signing up for Walmart Plus is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Create or Sign in to a Walmart Account:

If you already have a Walmart account, you can sign in. If not, visit the Walmart website or use the Walmart app to create a new account.

Navigate to Walmart Plus:

Once logged in, go to the WalmartPlus page, which details the membership and its benefits.

Choose a Membership Plan:

Walmart Plus offers different membership plans, such as monthly or annual subscriptions. Review the pricing and benefits of each plan to determine which one suits your needs best.

Provide Payment Information:

You must enter your preferred payment method to proceed with the sign-up process. Walmart typically accepts credit/debit cards and other popular payment options.

Review and Confirm:

Before finalizing your subscription, review the membership details, including the billing frequency and any trial periods offered. Once you’re satisfied, confirm your subscription.

Start Enjoying the Benefits:

Congratulations! You are now a WalmartPlus member. Start enjoying the perks of free unlimited delivery, exclusive deals, and more.

Walmart Plus for Associates

Walmart Plus for Associates

Walmart offered a particular version of WalmartPlus for its associates (employees). This “Walmart+ Associate” program provided additional benefits and discounts tailored specifically for Walmart employees.

The exact details of the Walmart+ Associate program may vary depending on the location and specific policies at different times. However, some expected benefits include:

  • Discounts on Walmart+ Membership: Walmart associates were often offered a discounted rate for the Walmart Plus membership, making it more affordable for them to enjoy the program’s benefits.
  • Exclusive Associate Deals: The Walmart+ Associate program sometimes provides additional discounts and exclusive deals on select products and services for Walmart employees.
  • Free Unlimited Delivery: Similar to the standard Walmart Plus membership, associates could also take advantage of free unlimited delivery on eligible orders.
  • Fast Delivery Options: Walmart associates might have access to fast delivery options, including same-day or next-day delivery in some areas.
  • Member Prices on Fuel: Walmart+ Associate members could save on fuel purchases at Walmart and Murphy USA fuel stations.
  • Mobile Scan & Go: Associates could use the Mobile Scan & Go feature to make their in-store shopping experience quicker and more convenient.

It’s important to note that program details and availability may change. I recommend checking with Walmart’s HR department or their official associate portal for the most up-to-date information on the Walmart+ Associate program and its current benefits.

If you are a Walmart associate or are interested in becoming one, inquire about the benefits and perks available to you as an employee. Walmart has prioritized providing its associates with unique benefits and opportunities to enhance their shopping experience.

Walmart Plus Membership Customer Service

If you are a WalmartPlus member and need to contact customer service regarding your membership or any related issues, here are some steps you can follow:

  • Visit the Walmart Plus Website:
    • Go to the official Walmart website and navigate to the Walmart Plus section. Look for any customer service or contact information provided on that page.
  • Check Your Membership Account:
    • Log in to your Walmart account and access your WalmartPlus membership details. Sometimes, a specific customer service contact number or email may be associated with your membership.
  • Contact Walmart Customer Support:
    • Contact the general customer support team if you can’t find a dedicated Walmart Plus customer service contact. They should be able to assist you with any Walmart Plus-related inquiries.
  • Walmart Customer Support Phone Number:
    • You can try calling Walmart’s general customer support phone number, which is often available on their website or on the back of your WalmartPlus membership card if you received one. Contact the Walmart Plus Customer Service team at 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART) to provide a comment or ask a question about your local store or Walmart corporate headquarters.
  • Online Support and Chat:
    • Walmart’s website may have a live chat option or an online support form where you can submit your questions or concerns related to your WalmartPlus membership.
  • Social Media:
    • You can also contact Walmart’s official social media accounts for assistance. They may respond to customer inquiries through platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

Please remember that the availability of customer service options may vary based on your location and the specific policies at the time. If you’re having trouble finding the correct contact information or need immediate assistance, consider visiting a local Walmart store and speaking with a customer service representative.


Walmart Plus is an excellent option for regular shoppers wishing to enhance their online shopping experience. With benefits like free unlimited delivery, fast delivery options, and exclusive deals, the membership program offers excellent value to its subscribers. By following the simple sign-up process, you can quickly enjoy the convenience and cost savings WalmartPlus provides. If you have any questions or hesitations, the FAQs section above should help clear any doubts. So why wait? Sign up for WalmartPlus today and elevate your shopping experience to new heights. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Walmart Plus cost?

The cost of WalmartPlus may vary depending on your chosen subscription plan. It’s essential to check the Walmart website or app for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Can I cancel my Walmart Plus membership?

Yes, you can cancel your WalmartPlus membership at any time. If you decide it’s not the right fit, go to your account settings and follow the cancellation instructions.

Does Walmart Plus have a free trial period?

Walmart occasionally offers a free trial period for new subscribers. However, the availability of the trial may vary based on promotions and geographic locations.

Is Walmart Plus available everywhere?

WalmartPlus is available in many locations across the United States. To confirm its availability in your area, visit the Walmart Plus page on the official website.

Can I share my Walmart Plus account with others?

No, Walmart Plus memberships are non-transferable and intended for individual use only. Sharing an account with others is against the program’s terms and conditions.

What items are eligible for free delivery with Walmart Plus?

Most items available for purchase on the Walmart website or app are eligible for free delivery with WalmartPlus. However, some exclusions may apply, such as oversized or heavy items.

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