How to Cut Pizza without a Pizza Cutter

How to Cut Pizza without a Pizza Cutter

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods around the world. It is a classic meal that can be customized with various toppings to suit anyone’s taste buds. While pizza cutters are great for slicing pizza into equal slices, there are times when you may not have one on hand. Fortunately, alternative methods for cutting a pizza are just as effective. This blog post will discuss how to cut pizza without a pizza cutter.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Cut Pizza Without a Pizza Cutter

How to Cut Pizza without a Pizza Cutter


Scissors can be used to cut the pizza in a pinch. Simply heat your scissors in hot water for a few minutes to help them slice through the pizza more easily. Then, use the scissors to cut the pizza into slices. Be sure to clean your scissors before and after use to avoid contamination.

Knife and Fork

A knife and fork will do the trick if you don’t have a pizza cutter. Cut the pizza into slices with a large knife, and then use a fork to lift each piece onto your plate. This method is beneficial if you are cutting a deep-dish pizza.

Another alternative to cutting pizza without a pizza cutter is to use a cookie cutter. This method is enjoyable if you have kids around. Simply use a large cookie cutter to cut the pizza into fun shapes. This method works best on thinner-crust pizzas.

Kitchen Shears

If you have kitchen shears, they can also be used to cut pizza. Simply use the shears to cut the pizza into slices. This method is beneficial if you have a pizza with a crispy crust, as the shears will easily cut through it.

Pizza Rocker

You can cut the pizza into slices if you don’t have a pizza cutter but a rocker. Simply place the pizza rocker over the pizza and rock back and forth to create even pieces.

Best Way to Cut Pizza for A Party

When cutting pizza for a party, a few tips can help ensure everyone gets a fair share and that the pizza is cut quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the best ways to cut pizza for a party:

  • Use a large cutting board or surface. Make sure that the surface you are cutting the pizza on is large enough to accommodate the size of the pizza. A large cutting board or table will work well for this purpose.
  • Use a pizza cutter: A pizza cutter is the most efficient tool for cutting pizza quickly and evenly. Ensure you have a sharp pizza cutter that can easily cut through the crust and toppings.
  • Cut the pizza into slices. Cut the pizza in half, then cut each half into halves again until you have the desired number of pieces. It’s essential to ensure that each slice is evenly sized and that the toppings are evenly distributed.
  • Use a ruler or guide: If you want to ensure the slices are all the same size, consider using a ruler or compass to help cut the pizza into equal portions.
  • Cut the pizza into bite-sized pieces: If you are serving the pizza as an appetizer or as part of a larger meal, consider cutting the pizza into smaller, bite-sized pieces. This will make it easier for guests to grab a slice and help prevent waste.
  • Consider using disposable plates or pizza trays: To make cleanup easier, consider serving the pizza on disposable plates or trays. This will also make distributing the pizza to guests and transporting it to the party location easier.

Following these tips, you can cut pizza quickly and efficiently for your party guests. Whether serving pizza as the main course or as an appetizer, cutting it into even slices or bite-sized pieces will ensure everyone gets a fair share and can enjoy this classic dish.

How to Cut a Pizza into 12 Slices

How To Cut A Pizza Into 12 Slices

Cutting a pizza into 12 slices can be tricky, but it can be done quickly with the correct technique. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Ensure the pizza is cooled slightly: Cutting a hot pizza can be difficult and may result in uneven slices. Allow the pizza to cool for a few minutes before cutting it.
  2. Determine the center of the pizza: Use a ruler or other straight edge to find the center of the pizza. This will be the starting point for your slices.
  3. Make two cuts through the center: Using a pizza cutter or sharp knife, make two cuts through the center of the pizza, dividing it into four equal sections.
  4. Make two more cuts perpendicular to the first cuts: Turn the pizza 90 degrees and make two more cuts perpendicular to the first ones. This will create eight equal sections.
  5. Make two final cuts. Make two more cuts to create 12 equal slices. Each slice should be approximately the same size.
  6. Serve and enjoy: Once the pizza is cut, it will be served. Use a spatula to transfer each slice to a plate or do it directly on a pizza tray.

Following these steps, you can easily cut a pizza into 12 equal slices. It’s essential to use a sharp pizza cutter or knife and to take your time to ensure that each piece is evenly sized. With some practice, you can cut pizzas into any number of slices quickly and easily.


While a pizza cutter is a great tool when cutting pizza, there are alternative methods to use if you don’t have one on hand. Using scissors, a knife, a fork, a cookie cutter, kitchen shears, or a pizza rocker are all effective ways to slice a pizza into even slices. The next time you find yourself without a pizza cutter, try one of these methods and enjoy your delicious pizza!


Can I use any scissors to cut pizza?

No, it’s best to use clean kitchen scissors or shears that have not been used for anything else.

Is it safe to use a knife to cut a pizza?

Yes, using a knife to cut pizza is safe, but be careful not to cut yourself.

Will using a cookie cutter damage the pizza?

Using a cookie cutter may cause some toppings to move around, but it won’t damage the pizza.

Can I use a pizza rocker on any pizza?

Yes, a pizza rocker can be used on any pizza.

What can I cut pizza on at home?

There are several options for cutting pizza at home. A cutting board or a large plate will work well. Alternatively, you can use a pizza peel or a large wooden paddle to cut and serve pizza.

Can you cut a pizza with a butter knife?

While a butter knife can technically be used to cut pizza, it is not the best tool for the job. Butter knives are not sharp enough to easily cut through the crust and toppings. A sharp knife or a pizza cutter is best for the best results.

How do you cut a pizza?

One pizza-cutting hack is to cut the pizza into squares instead of slices. This method works well for square or rectangular pizzas and allows for even portions. Another hack is to use a rotary pizza cutter for a more efficient and even cut.

What are the different ways to cut a pizza?

In addition to the methods mentioned in the blog post, there are several other ways to cut pizza. Some prefer to cut their pizza in a spiral pattern, starting from the center and working outward. Others prefer to cut the pizza into squares or rectangles. The method will depend on personal preference and the pizza type.

Is it better to cut pizza hot or cold?

Pizza is best cut when it is hot and just removed from the oven. This will ensure the cheese and toppings are melted and prevent the crust from becoming too hard or crispy. If the pizza has been refrigerated or is cold, the cutting may be more challenging, and the toppings may not be as evenly distributed.

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