How To Check An APK For Virus

How to Check an APK for Virus?

We occasionally want to download apps not offered by the Google Play Store. Android’s sideloading app functionality is one of its primary advantages. Apk files can be sideloaded onto your device after being downloaded from various sources.

Usually, Android prevents the installation of any third-party apps for security concerns. On Android, you may still be able to download APKs by turning on “Unknown Sources.” The issue with the third-party program is that you can only ensure a file is safe.

Examining any Apk for viruses before downloading it onto an Android device is best. You can be sure that the files you’re trying to download are safe by scanning them with an internet virus scanner.

Why Is It Important To Scan APKs for Viruses?

Why Is It Important To Scan APKs for Viruses

Although downloading software in the form of APKs has several benefits, there are also some drawbacks. One is that sideloading is, by design, prohibited on Android smartphones. To be able to accomplish it, you must enable installation from untrusted sources under Settings. Additionally, you won’t automatically receive updates for these programs. Remember to do so when an update is made manually available in your region.

The underlying security risk it poses is a more substantial drawback. You cannot be confident that the software is what its developer wanted it to be because APK files do not originate from the Play Store. APK files can occasionally be pirated to get around some limitations (such as in-app transactions), or worse yet, they can be infected with malware to jeopardize your phone’s security.

Scanning APKs for virus files before installing them on your phone is essential to preventing malware and other viruses. Different reliable websites can help you scan APK files.

Whole Virus Online Scanner

You may launch the APK software package to check for viruses using the whole virus. This is an online application that Google bought in 2012. The output of different antivirus programs, website scanners, and file and URL analysis software is used to create the aggregate data. The number of user contributions is abundant.

The entire virus has a file size limit of 128 MB. To be verified, the apk needs to be within this limit. Some tremendous applications can cause issues. To use it, you must first access the site’s official page, click Choose Fillet, choose the APK file from the browser dialogue box, and then wait for the procedure to finish. The apk file is safe to install if the response is No engines identified for this file.

Halffender Online Scan APK for Virus

A website called Halffender specializes in checking files for malware. Uploading the APK to this online service will let you confirm its dependability and ensure it is malware-free before installing it on your smartphone or tablet. It will accept files up to 140MB in size.

To use it, go to the site’s main website, click the clip icon adjacent to the search box, and select the APK file you wish to scan. You will be given a detailed report on the scan done after the process, and it will let you know if the platform has found any viruses.

Hash Droid App for Android Phones

With the help of the Android app Hash Droid, you can determine an APK file’s reliability by looking at its hash. A file’s Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) can be compared to a fingerprint. You can compare the software’s Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) to your APK Secure Hash If the creators have made their Secure Hash Algorithm publicly mentioned and readily available. These APK files are available if the two match.

You can install the Hash Droid app from the Play Store and use it to check its hash. When it launches, choose Hash a File. To select the file for the hash, click here. After that, click Calculate and wait until the verification is complete. When finished, you can see the APK hashes and other file-related data. This will help you determine whether installing the APK is secure.

Virus Total Application for Androids

Another option that functions similarly to the first is Virus Total. It examines your Apk for viruses and aids in detecting any potential malware and viruses. Upload an APK file to the service to ensure it is bug-free. Additionally, you may paste URLs into Virus Total and verify IP addresses, domains, or file hashes using the search bar.

Although its functionality is restricted to scanning the programs you’ve downloaded to your device, Virus Total is also accessible as a mobile app. It is free to download from the Play Store and scan the apk files.

Use Metadefender’s One Solution to All Risks.

You can scan an APK file into Metadefender with several antivirus engine programs. Files are handled as archives, meaning they will be unzipped to ensure that every single file and the entire, unextracted APK file are inspected. Users only need to drag and drop the apk files, and a summary will be created within a few seconds.

You can access the Metadefender service using your PC, and your Android phone can scan files immediately. Although there isn’t a specific smartphone app, users can still utilize it by using the browser on their phone.


Now it is clear how to check whether an apk file is safe to download. Always download APK files from a reliable source where there are no chances of malware being found in the zip file.

Frequently Asked Questions: Checking an APK for Viruses

Do all APK files contain malware?

No! APK files can occasionally be pirated to get around some limitations (like in-app purchases), or, worst of all, They can be infected with malware that jeopardizes the security of your phone. Downloading APKs solely from reputable sources is one way to stop these terrible viruses from invading your phone.

How do you analyze a suspicious app by looking at it?

Due to hackers’ lack of design effort, most fraudulent apps have terrible visuals. They only need to have you install the app to access your data. Unusual fonts, oversized letters, and low-quality photos are bad graphics.

Is downloading APKs illegal?

No! An apk is just a zipped file for software, and making pirated copies is illegal.

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