how old is huntergirl on American Idol

How Old Is HunterGirl on American Idol

American Idol is a popular singing competition show that has entertained audiences for over two decades. Over the years, the show has produced several talented musicians who have achieved great success in the music industry. One of the contestants who caught the attention of the judges and viewers alike was HunterGirl.

Who is HunterGirl on American Idol?

Who Is HunterGirl On American Idol

HunterGirl, whose real name is Hunter Metts, is a talented musician from Franklin, Tennessee. She auditioned for American Idol in 2021 and quickly became a fan favorite due to her impressive vocals and charming personality. Her performances on the show were well-received, and she gained a loyal following of fans who were rooting for her to win the competition.

How Old Is HunterGirl On American Idol?

HunterGirl was born on June 4, 1998, which makes her 24 years old as of 2023. She was one of the youngest contestants on the show, but her age didn’t stop her from delivering outstanding performances week after week.

What Happened To Hunter Girl From American Idol?

When HunterGirl was eliminated from American Idol in May 2021, her time on the show ended. Despite the disappointment of not winning the show, HunterGirl remained positive and grateful for the experience. She took to social media to thank her fans and share her plans for the future. HunterGirl mentioned that she was looking forward to releasing her original music and continuing to pursue her passion for singing.

Who Is HunterGirl’s American Idol Boyfriend?

HunterGirl has not publicly disclosed any information about her romantic life, and whether she is currently in a relationship is unclear. However, her fans continue to support her and eagerly await any updates she may share in the future.

Why Does She Call Herself Hunter Girl?

It is unclear why Hunter Metts chose to go by the name HunterGirl on American Idol. However, it is common for artists to adopt stage names or nicknames that differ from their legal names. Some musicians do so for branding purposes, while others do it for personal reasons. In Hunter Metts’ case, she may have chosen the name HunterGirl to create a memorable and unique persona on the show. Ultimately, the decision to use a stage name is up to the individual, and it can be a fun and creative way to express oneself.

Did HunterGirl Get A Record Deal?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there was no official announcement regarding HunterGirl (Hunter Metts) signing a record deal. However, it is worth noting that getting a record deal is not the only way for an artist to succeed in the music industry. Many independent musicians have succeeded by self-releasing their music, building a loyal fanbase, and collaborating with other artists.

HunterGirl has a dedicated fan following, and her talent has caught the attention of music industry professionals. So while there may not be news of a record deal, she may receive offers or pursue other avenues to share her music with the world.

How Long Is the American Idol Contract?

How Long Is American Idol Contract?

The length of the American Idol contract may vary depending on the specific terms agreed upon between the show’s producers and the contestants. However, American Idol contestants must typically sign a contract that binds them to the show’s rules and regulations. According to past reports, the American Idol contract is said to be binding for two years after the season ends.

This means that for two years after the season, the contestants may be required to make appearances, attend events, and participate in promotions related to the show. The contract’s exact terms may differ based on the season and the individual agreements with each contestant.

Where Is Hunter Girl Now

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Hunter Metts (HunterGirl) had not publicly announced her current whereabouts or plans. However, she is active on social media, particularly Instagram, where she shares updates with her fans. Based on her social media activity, it seems that HunterGirl has been spending time writing and recording music and collaborating with other musicians.

She has also been performing at various events and shows. It is worth noting that HunterGirl may have chosen to keep some aspects of her personal life private, and it is ultimately up to her to decide what information she shares with the public.

What Happened To Hunter Girl on American Idol

Hunter Metts (HunterGirl) was a contestant on the 19th season of American Idol, which aired in early 2021. She made it to the Top 9 before being eliminated from the competition on May 9, 2021.

HunterGirl impressed the judges and viewers during her time on American Idol with her soulful performances and heartfelt original songs. She received high praise for her unique sound and emotional performances, which often showcased her skills as a guitarist and pianist.

Despite being eliminated from the competition, HunterGirl gained a dedicated fan following and continued to receive support and recognition for her music. Many viewers were impressed with her authenticity, vulnerability, and raw talent, and she quickly became one of the most talked-about contestants of the season.

Since her time on American Idol, HunterGirl has continued pursuing her passion for music and working on new material. She has also used her platform to connect with her fans and share her journey as an independent artist. While her time on American Idol may have ended, it is clear that HunterGirl’s music career is just beginning, and she has a bright future ahead of her.


HunterGirl may not have won American Idol, but she certainly won the hearts of many with her impressive talent and infectious personality. Her journey on the show has only begun, and her fans are excited to see where her music career will take her next. With her incredible vocals and dedication to her craft, HunterGirl is sure to make a name for herself in the music industry.


What type of music does HunterGirl sing?

HunterGirl is known for her soulful and emotional performances and unique ability to connect with her audience through her music. She has covered a variety of genres on American Idol, including pop, country, and indie music.

Did HunterGirl win American Idol?

No, HunterGirl did not win American Idol. She made it to the top 7 before being eliminated from the competition.

Will HunterGirl release her music?

Yes, HunterGirl has expressed her intention to release her original music. Her fans eagerly await her debut album and are excited to see what she has in store.

Where can I follow HunterGirl on social media?

You can follow HunterGirl on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on her music and upcoming projects.

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