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How DO You Master Map Fiskerhus On PUBG Mobile?

Alongside Battle Royale Royale’s iOS release, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has made its way to iOS and Android. The significant games’ PC and console experiences are expertly translated into smartphone experiences in both games. If you love playing PUBG, you must know about the new Fiskerhus Map on PUBG mobile. Here are some things you should know to Master map Fiskerhus on PUBG mobile.

What’s New In The Fiskerhus Map?

PUBG Mobile

Multiple new features are added to the Fiskerhus map in Pubg Mobile. There is a seasonal ranking system with seven skill categories and special cosmetic rewards for progressing before a season is through, in addition to daily tasks and events that award points. Seasons typically last two months.

Master Map Fiskerhus On Pubg Mobile With The New Loot System

The fact that the PUBG Mobile video game is free and offers a novel method of obtaining cosmetic prizes sets it apart from the Consoles versions of the game right away. With the addition of Vitality and EXP points, playing matches still awards you with BP, which you can spend to open crates with random goodies. Your vitality increases as you finish challenging daily tasks like playing a predetermined number of games or slaying a predetermined number of opponents.

Due to a lack of commercialization, you cannot presently purchase BP with actual cash in PUBG Mobile. However, as the game grows more widely accessible worldwide, this is expected to change soon. You can access a free loot box after reaching certain milestones. The same method is used to gain EXP, which unlocks primary account features like unique avatar icons and contributes to raising your account level.

New And Improved Customizable Controls

PUBG mobile video game that is so intricate the touch-screen controls work remarkably well. By default, your movement is controlled by a virtual control stick, and you aim by placing your other thumb on the right side of the display. Virtual controls on the right side of the display let you shoot, aim down scopes, crouch, lay flat, and access your rucksack. After getting used to the layout, you’ll discover that you can perform the same operations as in the PC version, such as tilting and free-looking.

You can move the virtual buttons around, alter their size, and change their transparency to alter how they are organized. Even more preset layouts can be saved. The default layout didn’t require much tweaking because it’s so user-friendly. You can also customize your Pubg Avatar.

Utilize Visual Feedback For Better Understanding

Pubg mobile video game Fiskerhus map provides much more visual data than the console, and PC versions would make up for the fact that most players don’t wear headphones. To avoid forcing players to rely on auditory queues, the original version reportedly omitted a hit marker that displays the direction you’ve got shot from in the center of your screen.

Additionally, the mini-map will show a bullet indicator in the general vicinity of any nearby player gunfire, making it much simpler to locate other players. Use a good set of headphones because you must still keep an eye out for footsteps.

Tips To Master Map Fiskerhus On Pubg Mobile

Whether you like to play solo or with a team, there are some fantastic tips and tricks that you can follow to master map Fiskerhus on Pubg Mobile.

Get Down With Speed To Gather Weapons

As soon as you exit the Aeroplan, push forward your Pubg Avatar with your controller to begin a rapid freefall toward the ground. This takes you to the ground more quickly so that you aren’t drifting down as people are grabbing weapons and getting ready to kill you. You also don’t have to worry about it because your ‘chute will open on its own.

Open Chute Early And Fly Across The Map To Safe Side

PUBG Mobile

To fly across the map, open your ‘chute early. You should be elsewhere if you are outside the aircraft and can see many people falling below you. You can manually deploy your “chute” and drift your Pubg Avatar across the Fiskerhus map to a distant region for a considerable distance. But keep in mind that others are collecting while you’re floating.

Auto Pick Up Treasure Around The Field

The auto-pick-up feature in the mobile version of the Pubg video game, which shrewdly gathers weapons, ammo, attachments, and healing supplies as you walk over them, is a very excellent idea that PUBG. It will automatically equip attachments and only pick up ammo for the firearms you are currently using. It should take into consideration in every edition of the system.

Even when you run near lower-tier body armor, backpacks, or helmets, this system automatically switches them out for higher-tier versions. All of this automating decreases the time you must spend manually organizing your inventory, and you can entirely turn it off if you don’t like it.

Make Sure To Avoid The Red Zones

The red area in the Pubg video game, which is a barrage of artillery, is also indicated on the map. There’s a good possibility you’ll get struck while in the red zone, but you should be able to survive it just fine if you’re in a building.

Customize Level Of Pickups For Smooth Game Play

For items you’ll automatically pick up, there are default levels. However, grenades are not programmed to pick up automatically. For instance, each weapon’s ammunition is set to 180 rounds, but you could need more.

Change these numbers by going to options > pick-up so you can genuinely collect the items you want while you wander the map. Not a fan of stun grenades? If so, you are free from automatically gathering them with just a few changes in the Pubg video game settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weapon to use in PUBG?

If you get face-to-face with someone, you may shoot 30 bullets into them while they are still trying to aim with the suppressed Uzi with an extended mag. Alternatively, the SCAR with a telescope is difficult to beat because it effectively manages recoil and makes it simple to put a burst on target.

How Long does the Pubg Mobile game session last?

It depends on whether you are a power player or a casual player. If you are playing in classic mode, it can last approximately 30 minutes or less. 


You can download Pubg mobile from both the play store and the apple app store. If you want to master map Fiskerhus on PUBG Mobile, follow the tips and tricks we have shared with you. And you are good to go.

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