How Do You Download Apps On Android Without Google Play Store

How Do You Download Apps On Android Without Google Play Store?

Are you attempting to Download Apps on Android without Google Play Store? At first glance, it might appear illogical, but let us convince you otherwise. It’s easy to download all the top apps simultaneously from the play store. But when Google removes an app from its google play services, a problem may result! We can help if you’ve encountered a problem with the Google Play Store needing the required app. Check out these easy steps to install from unknown sources without using the google play store!

How Do You Download Apps On Android Without Google Play Store?

How Do You Download Apps On Android Without Google Play Store

You must be familiar with downloading apps without logging in, but did you know that you can also Download Apps on Android without Google Play Store? Yes! In the age of new technology, anything is now feasible. Here’s how to Download Apps on Android without Google Play Store services. You can download apps from unidentified sources. Although it might seem a little risky, you can still get used to this approach.

Tap the Settings icon by swiping your screen’s top down.

  • Tap on apps and notifications as you scroll down.
  • Click on Access unique apps.
  • Select Install unidentified apps.
  • Please select the program you want to use by downloading and tapping the file.
  • Turn the toggle on by selecting Allow from this source!

How Can I Run Android Applications Without Using Google Play Services?

The microG GmsCore app or app drawer is available for download apps outside the google store. With this Free Open Source Software (FLOSS), you can install Google apps, and they will still work without the necessary play store apps being installed. Effortless, right? This kind of isolation may be required by both developers and those who make custom ROMs.

You can view the official XDA thread for the app here if you are interested in it or work in that industry. You don’t need us to tell you again that when using apps like this, you should maintain recoverable backups of your phone data. Additionally, you can use this to download apps if you are running android.

What Should You Do If The Google Play Store Won’t Let You Download Apps?

How Do You Download Apps On Android Without

There are instances where getting apps from the Play Store on an Android device can be a big deal. But as we already mentioned, you can also download third-party apps to put your preferred apps on your phone! If you can’t install unknown apps from the AppStore and are still unsure about getting them from unreliable websites or sources, follow the instructions below!

  • Examine your available storage.
  • A data connection check is in order.
  • Verify the SD card.
  • Clear Download Manager’s cache and data.
  • Remove Google Play Services’ cache and data.
  • To fix issues with app downloads, you can also add and remove your google account from your phone!

How To Install and Download Apps On Android Without Google Play Store From APKMirror

As well as standard APKs, Android also supports split APKs and Android App Bundles. Android App Bundles reduce data usage and storage requirements, but they make sharing apps with others outside the Google Play Store challenge. This is because each android user phone model uses a slightly different app. However, that issue is resolved by APKMirror and the APKMirror Installer app to download apps also on android without google play.

Find The Apps You Want To Install Using The Apkmirror Installer App.

You must download the APKMirror Installer app to sideload an app onto your device. It’s simple installing the app from APKMirror, if you’re also downloading an Android App Bundle or not. You won’t have to read a separate guide to configure installing apps or Android App Bundles because the directions are similar.

Follow these steps to begin the installation process of apps on your device:

From the Google Play Store, download apk files and install the APKMirror Installer application. You can also get it from the Google Play Store and install or update your apps using APKMirror Installer. The APKMirror Installer app can be downloaded alternatively from the official APKMirror website.

Seek the app you want to download and install on your Android device on the APKMirror website. apk file, app names, and developer names can all be used to search for apps.

Choose the desired version of the app if you choose to sort by app or developer rather than APK. The newest non-beta version is refined if you do not even care or don’t know. Find the one you need by scrolling down to All versions.

On the right side of the desired app, tap the Download icon.

Select the app corresponding to the required version on the listing page, then scroll down to the Download section. To access the Download section faster, tap the button that says “See Available Downloads” near the top of the page.

There might be more than one choice available to you. If that’s the case, look up which version is best for your phone in the FAQ and research.

For the app notifications version you want to install, tap the download and install arrow on the right, then swipe the Download APK Bundle or also Download APK button.

You might also see a warning that the file format or advancement is potentially risky when asked if you want to save the file. You can allow it if you believe APKMirror to be a reliable source.

The version of the app you chose has been downloaded to the internal storage of your device and is available for installation right now.

Using Apkmirror Installer, Launch The App You Just Downloaded

To install the file on your device after downloading it, you’ll need to have a way to open it. There are several options, all of which lead to the exact location. The steps to opening your downloaded app are as follows:

To open the downloaded app, tap the Download finished entry after sliding down on your screen to reveal your notifications.

When the file has finished downloading in Google Chrome, select open from the menu also at the top of the window. The download message may appear at the bottom of some web browsers, but the process is the same wherever it does.

  • Launch the APKMirror Installer to view the file so you can continue with the app installation.
  • To give APKMirror the necessary access rights to the downloaded files on your device, tap Allow.


How do I install Android applications outside of Google Play?

Launch the Settings program.
Decide on Apps & Notifications.
Select Advanced.
Decide on Special app access.
Install unknown apps by scrolling down and clicking them.
Choose the application you’ll use to download the file.

How can I get apps without using Google Play?

You can find things on Aptoide that are not available on the Play Store, thanks to its enormous APK database.


We’re confident you can download Android apps without using the Google Play Store. Even though the steps initially seem a little iffy, you can still comprehend the fundamental workings.

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