Free Shipping Vs. Extra Discounts – Which Furniture Coupon is Right for You?

Free Shipping Vs. Extra Discounts – Which Furniture Coupon is Right for You?

Providing free shipping is a surefire way to entice customers. However, you have to be careful about the price of your products to balance out the offer.

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Free Shipping

Furniture Coupon is Right for You

Offering free shipping is a significant motivation for individuals who shop online. Consumers on shopping sites will do all they can to qualify for free shipping, even if it means adding more items to their cart. This can result in more sales for your business, but it’s important to note that it can also eat into your profits if you still need to set appropriate shipping rates.

Many e-commerce businesses offer free shipping for orders with specific conditions, such as meeting a minimum purchase amount or shipping to a particular geographic area. Other retailers include the cost of shipping within the product price so customers don’t see it as an additional expense. Either way, several reports show that offering free shipping increases a company’s sales conversion rate by 50 percent or more.

However, it’s important to note that when you add shipping fees or other extra charges to the overall price of a product, you are essentially raising its price. This is something that some shoppers may be willing to do in the short term if they know that the added fees will help them save money on their order. But over time, it could turn them away from your products and ultimately hurt your business.

Extra Discounts

Offering free shipping can be an excellent motivator for shoppers to increase their spending. However, not all companies have the budget to offer it continuously. For these businesses, offering alternatives like local delivery or curbside pickup is an excellent way to encourage customers to make larger purchases. These strategies can also entice customers to create accounts or sign up for newsletters.

Another option Ashley Furniture offers is a discount on products instead of free shipping. Shoppers prefer percentage discounts over other promotions, including free shipping and loyalty programs. This is likely because when shoppers face a price deduction, they tend to think about how much they can save. 

Coupon Codes

The little box that shows up during online checkout and asks for a coupon code (a promotion, offer, discount, or voucher code) is one of the most popular tools e-commerce businesses use to incentivize customers to make purchases. Promo codes provide a variety of discounts and can be used to take a certain percentage off the total order, offer free shipping, or include a bonus item with the purchase.

Regardless of the type of coupon code, online shoppers must understand the requirements they must meet to use it. For example, a coupon may require a minimum purchase amount and only apply to select products or services. Some codes are also time-limited and will expire at a specific date.

Customers needing coupon help can contact the retailer directly and work through the issue. They can even check with websites that promote current coupons to see if the code was entered correctly or if it is a valid coupon for their site.

Another option is to find other stores that sell the product that is being purchased and compare prices. This can help consumers get a more accurate idea of the total cost of the product, including any additional costs for shipping or taxes.

Membership Discount

Membership discounts can have a significant impact on both consumers and businesses across various industries. These discounts are typically offered to individuals who become members of a loyalty program, subscription service, or exclusive club.

Many furniture sellers offer free shipping or zero percent financing to get customers through the door. These strategies are effective at converting browsers into buyers. However, these discounts often must be included in the overall product price. For example, one small online furniture seller noticed customers abandoning their carts when they saw the combined price of furniture and shipping. To combat this, the company decided to add the actual shipping cost to the product prices. This reduced the cart abandonment rate and increased conversions.

Offering furniture discounts at certain times of the year or under specific conditions can also be an effective sales strategy. For instance, if you require a minimum purchase of $250 to qualify for free shipping, customers are more likely to buy additional products to meet the requirement.

The most immediate impact is the potential for cost savings. Members often receive discounts on products or services, lowering overall expenses. Membership discounts incentivize consumers to join a loyalty program or subscription service. Knowing they’ll receive special pricing encourages individuals to sign up. Lower prices through membership discounts can make products or services more affordable, improving access to goods that may have been previously out of reach for some consumers. Members may gain access to exclusive products, services, or events that non-members cannot access. This sense of exclusivity can enhance the overall customer experience.

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