How to Download the FIFA Mobile 23 Limited Beta Test on Android?

How to Download the FIFA Mobile 23 Limited Beta Test on Android?

The EA (Electronic Arts) video game FIFA Soccer is well-liked worldwide. FIFA Mobile 23 recently received a limited Beta release from EA. Only a few regions currently have access to the game through the Play Store for Android users. But don’t worry; we’ll show you how to download FIFA Soccer: Beta on Android and perform it without any limits in this article.

The enormous success of the FIFA mobile limited beta test has given EA the freedom to test out novel ideas without worrying about affecting the momentum of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

How Long Does The FIFA Mobile Limited Beta Test Last?

According to EA, the FIFA mobile limited beta test began on October 12, 2022, and will last through the end of the month. Although the developer doesn’t specify a deadline, it might continue into November if FIFA Mobile 23 needs additional testing.

How To Download And Play The Limited FIFA Mobile Beta Test In Any Region

How To Download And Play The Limited FIFA Mobile We Limited Beta Test In Any Region?

The FIFA Mobile Limited Beta is only accessible in a few nations, as the name implies. Or, to be more precise, at this time, the beta will only be open to players from Canada and India. Therefore, even if you can download the game, you must be from one of these countries to play it. You’re lucky if you’re from one of these nations! You only need to download and install the FIFA Mobile Beta APK file.

If you’ve ever downloaded FIFA Mobile and installed APK files, you’ll know that the procedure is simple. We have instructions for you if you’ve never done it before or if it’s been a while and you need a reminder. We advise you to join a WiFi network before downloading and installing. Ensure that there is sufficient free space for the installation.

Players were urged to test new features and gameplay mechanics in FIFA Mobile. We limited the beta test to Android via FIFA Mobile’s official Twitter account. Fans outside these two nations can still participate in this beta test on APKMADE by following the instructions below.

  1. Download the APKMADE beta for FIFA Mobile 23 beta downloads.
  2. On your Android mobile phone or tablet, go to “Settings.”
  3. Select “Install apps from unknown sources” under “Security and Privacy” by scrolling down to that section.
  4. Select “Install” from the menu after downloading.
  5. Launch the game and select “Guest” as your login. The FIFA Mobile 23 Limited Beta is now available worldwide!

FIFA Mobile 23 Limited Beta APK for Android Devices: New Features and Gameplay Mechanics

In the FIFA Mobile 23 Beta, users will be able to test out some new features, such as:

  • Updated user interface and menu
  • Additional login incentives
  • Updated rosters for the base players and event participants
  • Mini-events featuring competitive games and matches
  • Advanced Access
  • Real OVR.
  • Within Division Rivals, Attack vs. Attack, and Head to Head
  • Special lineups
  • Revisions to the audio commentary

A new Advanced Passing mechanism is also introduced in this FIFA Mobile 23 Limited Beta Test on Android. Five different Pass techniques can be applied, depending on the circumstance. Players can execute each pass by using the controls listed below:

  • Dinked Ground Pass: Press the Pass button twice.
  • Dinked Through Pass: Double-click the Through button.
  • Driving Ground PassL After clicking Pass, swipe Left.
  • Driven Lob Pas: Use the Pass button and the Right-swiping motion.
  • Trigger Run: Click Through and then swipe Down.

Download the FIFA Mobile 22-23 Limited Beta App

EA is releasing a FIFA Mobile Limited Beta! Try out some new functions and gameplay components. Your involvement will help EA improve the game’s quality. EA strongly advises changing your in-game settings to 60 FPS for the best FIFA Mobile experience (if your device allows it).

FIFA Mobile 22’s mid-season limited beta test starts on Wednesday, October 12, and ends around the middle of October 2022. Throughout the campaign, users suggested numerous changes to the gameplay in the FIFA Mobile 22/23 Limited Beta.

There are no premium passes or packages in the Limited Beta. There is no in-game purchasing available in the beta version. There won’t be a reward video or an offer wall. There won’t be any progress or account information from the beta to the main game. All login options will be disabled, aside from GUEST.

How to Download the Limited Beta for FIFA Mobile 22/23

Formally, The Limited Beta is only accessible to residents of Canada and India. You can download the Limited Beta straight from the Google Play Store in India or Canada. But if you want to try it outside the two regions, you can download this FIFA Mobile 21 beta app using a VPN. This is how it goes:

Method 1

FIFA Soccer: Beta: Apps on Google Play

Install a VPN on your Android device, then select Canada or India as your location. Look for another VPN that offers these locations if yours doesn’t.

  • Visit the following website: using an anonymous or private browser.
  • Select “Install” from the menu. Signing in will be required of you. After selecting the Sign In option, create a new Google account.
  • (Settings >> Account) Add your new Google Account to your Android device. After that, open the Google Play Store, and log into your new account.
  • Reopen the private or incognito browser and select “Install” from the menu. Your device is now downloading the FIFA Mobile 22/23 Limited Beta application.

Method 2


  • Use the following link to download the APK directly, not through the Google Play Store:
  • oimDXQXTHY27NJbQWduZKe Rdvn6-2/view?usp=sharing
  • Use a VPN connection from Canada or India before opening the app after downloading and installing the apk file mentioned above.


There currently needs to be an official word from EA regarding the release date of the new FIFA Mobile season. The procedures listed above will assist you in downloading the FIFA Mobile 23 Limited beta test for Android.


What are FIFA Mobile’s Limited Beta Availability & Regions?

You must have an Android device and reside in one of the following nations to participate in the FIFA Mobile 23 Limited Beta:
·         Canada and India

What are the start and end dates for the FIFA Mobile 23 Limited Beta?

A. EA has stated that the FIFA Mobile 23 Limited Beta will run through the end of October 2022. It began on October 12, 2022. They have yet to specify a specific date, but if FIFA Mobile 23 needs additional testing, it may extend into November.

What are some significant changes and improvements to the FIFA Mobile Beta?

The following are some noticeable updates to FIFA Mobile 23:
* Enhanced belongings when the ball is out of reach or out of play in VS Attack and League Matches
* With the Semi-Assisted Switching Setting, “No Switch” is no longer an option.
* When your opponent unmistakably receives the ball before you, you will be released from the attacking control state.

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