How to Hack Cyber Monday

How to Hack Cyber Monday: 30 Tips from an Online Shopping Pro

Unlock Cyber Monday’s success with 30 expert tips. From snagging the best deals to ensuring secure online shopping, become a seasoned pro and score incredible discounts from the comfort of your home during this digital shopping extravaganza.

Top 30 Tips from a Cyber Monday Online Shopping Pro

How to Hack Cyber Monday 30 Tips from an Online Shopping Pro

1. Plan for Cyber Monday Madness

Start preparing by making a shopping list and researching the products you want to buy.

2. Sign Up for Retailer Newsletters

Subscribe to newsletters from your favorite retailers to receive exclusive CyberMonday offers.

3. Create Online Accounts

Before CyberMonday arrives, save time by creating an account on retailer websites.

4. Follow Retailers on Social Media

Retailers often announce special deals and promo codes on their social media platforms.

5. Compare Prices

Use price comparison websites and browser extensions to get the best deal.

6. Use Coupon Websites

For additional discounts on CyberMonday deals, browse coupon websites.

7. Utilize Cashback and Rewards

Earn cashback or rewards on your CyberMonday purchases through cashback websites or credit card rewards programs.

8. Set a Budget

Avoid overspending by setting a budget for your CyberMonday shopping.

9. Take Advantage of Early Deals

Some retailers offer early Cyber Monday deals, so keep an eye out in the days leading up to the event.

10. Download Shopping Apps

Install retailer apps to receive notifications and access exclusive deals.

11. Shop Incognito

Browse in incognito mode to prevent retailers from tracking your online activity and potentially adjusting prices.

12. Use Browser Extensions

Install price tracking extensions to get alerts when prices drop on items you’re interested in.

13. Create Wishlist

Add items you’re interested into your online shopping wishlist for easy access on CyberMonday.

14. Bookmark Product Pages

Bookmark the product pages of items you want to purchase for quick access on the big day.

15. Check Return Policies

Review the return policies of the products you plan to buy to ensure hassle-free returns if needed.

16. Stay Secure

Only shop on secure websites with “https://” in the URL, and avoid public Wi-Fi for sensitive transactions.

17. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Protect your accounts by enabling two-factor authentication where available.

18. Beware of Phishing Scams

Be cautious of unsolicited emails or links claiming to offer CyberMonday deals.

19. Use Strong Passwords

Ensure your online shopping accounts have strong, unique passwords.

20. Shop Early in the Day

Many deals go live early in the morning, so start shopping early to avoid missing out.

21. Avoid Impulse Buying

Stick to your shopping list and avoid making impulse purchases.

22. Consider Bundles

Look for product bundles or sets that offer more value for your money.

23. Read Reviews

Before purchasing, read reviews from other customers to ensure product quality.

24. Take Advantage of Free Shipping

Look for deals that offer free shipping, or consider buying from retailers with free shipping thresholds.

25. Monitor Cart Items

Keep an eye on your shopping cart to avoid missing items that might sell out quickly.

26. Keep Shipping Deadlines in Mind

If buying gifts, be mindful of shipping deadlines to ensure they arrive on time.

27. Check Price History

Use price tracking tools to see if the deal you’re considering is a good discount.

28. Be Patient

Some deals might reappear throughout CyberMonday, so if you miss out, there’s still a chance.

29. Check for Student Discounts

Some retailers offer special discounts on CyberMonday if you’re a student.

30. Celebrate Your Savings

After successfully navigating CyberMonday, take a moment to celebrate the fantastic deals you scored!

What Do Most People Buy On Cyber Monday?

What Do Most People Buy On Cyber Monday

People typically use online deals and discounts on CyberMonday to purchase various products. While the specific items can vary based on individual preferences and trends, several categories tend to be popular among Cyber Monday shoppers. Here are some of the most common types of products that people often buy on CyberMonday:

  • Electronics and Tech Gadgets:
    • Cyber Monday offers significant discounts on electronics such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, and gaming consoles.
  • Fashion and Apparel:
    • During CyberMonday sales, shoppers often look for deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, and fashion brands.
  • Home Appliances:
    • Home appliances, vacuum cleaners, and security systems are frequently purchased on Cyber Monday.
  • Beauty and Personal Care Products:
    • Cosmetics, skincare products, fragrances, and grooming tools are popular choices for online shoppers.
  • Toys and Games:
    • With the holiday season around the corner, CyberMonday is a great time to buy toys, board games, puzzles, and other recreational items.
  • Fitness Equipment: Exercise gear, fitness trackers, and home gym equipment are often sought after on Cyber Monday.
  • Home Decor and Furnishings:
    • Shoppers look for deals on furniture, bedding, home decor, and other interior design items.
  • Books and E-books:
    • Physical and digital e-books often see discounts on CyberMonday.
  • Travel Deals:
    • Some travel agencies and airlines offer discounted flight tickets, hotel stays, and vacation packages on CyberMonday.
  • Subscription Services:
    • Online streaming services, magazine subscriptions, and software subscriptions might come with particular CyberMonday offers.
  • Jewelry and Accessories:
    • CyberMonday can be a popular time to purchase jewelry, watches, and other accessories at a discounted price.
  • Gift Cards:
    • Many retailers offer discounts on gift cards, making them a popular choice for those who want flexibility in their purchases.
  • Smart Home Devices:
    • Smart speakers, smart thermostats, and smart lighting systems often see price reductions.
  • Office Supplies:
    • Shoppers might take advantage of deals on office supplies, printers, and other work-from-home essentials.
  • Pet Supplies:
    • Deals on pet food, toys, and accessories are also commonly sought.

It’s important to note that consumer preferences can vary from year to year and across different regions. Retailers may also offer special promotional bundles for items to attract CyberMonday shoppers. As online shopping grows, the range of products available on Cyber Monday will likely expand.


Cyber Monday presents an incredible opportunity to snag fantastic deals on various products, from electronics to fashion. Following these 30 expert tips, you can maximize your savings, find the best deals, and shop smartly and securely. With careful planning, research, and some online shopping prowess, you’ll be well-equipped to hack CyberMonday like a true online shopping pro.

FAQs about Hacking Cyber Monday

What is Cyber Monday?

CyberMonday is dedicated to online shopping deals and discounts, typically on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Are Cyber Monday deals as good as Black Friday deals?

Cyber Monday often offers excellent deals, especially on tech and online-exclusive items, though it may have different focuses than Black Friday.

Can I use multiple coupon codes on Cyber Monday?

Most retailers allow you to use only one coupon code per transaction, so choose the one that provides the most savings.

How do I know if a deal a good one is?

Use price tracking tools and compare prices across different retailers to gauge the quality of a deal.

Is it safe to shop online on Cyber Monday?

Yes, but ensure you’re on secure websites (https://) and follow best practices like using strong passwords and avoiding public Wi-Fi.

Can I return items purchased on Cyber Monday?

You can usually return items purchased on Cyber Monday, but check the retailer’s return policy.

What if I miss a Cyber Monday deal?

Some deals may reappear or extend beyond Cyber Monday, so watch for ongoing promotions.

Should I wait until Cyber Monday to shop for holiday gifts?

Cyber Monday can be a great time to find gifts, but be mindful of shipping deadlines to ensure timely delivery.

Can I shop on Cyber Monday using my mobile device?

Absolutely! Many retailers offer mobile apps and optimized websites for easy shopping on smartphones and tablets.

How can I stay updated on Cyber Monday deals?

Sign up for retailer newsletters, follow them on social media, and check reputable deal websites for updates and offers.

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