How To Score A Budget-Friendly Camper Van Rental For Your Family In Iceland

How to Score a Budget-Friendly Camper Van Rental for Your Family in Iceland

Exploring Iceland can be costly, but with a camper van rental, you can save money on food and hotel stays.

Avoid Peak Season Camper Van Rental for Your Family in Iceland

Avoid Peak Season Camper Van Rental For Your Family In Iceland

During the peak season, a limited number of vehicles, including camper vans, are available. So, if you have your heart set on renting one for your trip, it is best to book early. Additionally, the size of your vehicle can impact many aspects of your trip, including how much gas you will use and whether it can fit everyone on board comfortably. Make sure you know how many people you travel with and pick the right-sized vehicle. In addition to ensuring that your vehicle is the right size, pay attention to what is included in your rental.

For example, some companies only provide the basics, while others include items like blankets, a coffee press, and outdoor chairs with your reservation. Also, be aware that most camper vans in Iceland are manual; if you require an automatic, specify when booking your vehicle. Finally, ensure you understand any additional mileage charges before signing the contract. 

Don’t Overpay

The price of Iceland camper van rentals can vary greatly depending on various factors. The size of the vehicle, its transmission type, and optional amenities will all impact the final cost. Many companies offer different sizes of vehicles with both manual and automatic options. It’s also crucial to remember that Iceland sells gas by the liter rather than the gallon, which can add up quickly when traveling a distance.

Some companies also provide a range of camping accessories with their vehicles to make the trip even more comfortable. These may include sleeping bags, cooking gear, tables, and chairs. In addition, some companies will have special packages that bundle multiple insurance selections to save money. Another way to save on the price of a camper van rental is by staying at campgrounds instead of hotels. However, it is important to note that most campsites in Iceland do not have showers or electricity. This is due to the country’s delicate ecosystem and is, in part, why it is illegal to wild camp.

Shop Around

Shopping around and comparing prices when renting a camper van in Iceland is essential. Different companies offer different vehicles with varying amenities and features. Additionally, the size of the vehicle plays a role in how many people it can accommodate and the amount of gas it uses. It also helps to pay attention to whether or not the rental vehicle has a manual transmission. Most vehicles in Iceland are manual, so you should reserve a vehicle compatible with your driving skills. Many companies also offer insurance bundles and collision damage waivers for additional costs.

Some companies offer various options ideal for families and couples looking for an affordable and comfortable camping experience in Iceland. They provide large vans that can fit up to five adults and include essential camping equipment, including cooking utensils, sleeping bags, and tables. Additionally, their vehicles feature a heating system to keep you warm on those chilly nights! In addition, they have a wide range of vehicles, including newer fleets for those who want the latest perks and older models for those looking to save money.

Book Early

It’s no secret that Iceland is a popular travel destination, and there’s a limited supply of vehicles and campers to meet demand. That’s why reserving your vehicle as early as possible is best, especially during the peak season. Otherwise, you may have trouble finding a vehicle or postpone your trip entirely!

Luckily, some amazing companies in Iceland specialize in providing budget-friendly camper van rentals. For example, a company offers various RVs perfect for any trip. Their smaller campers are great for solo explorers and can comfortably fit up to two people. Alternatively, their larger options are a perfect fit for families or groups.

They also offer special deals and bundles throughout the year, including Collision Damage Waiver, 24/7 mechanical assistance, and a fuel discount card. Plus, they’re an eco-friendly company and plant a tree for every rental! 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Many camper van rentals come with a collision damage waiver (CDW), a type of insurance that covers the cost of repairs for any damages or theft you incur while driving. However, CDW typically doesn’t cover blown tires or roadside assistance, so you may want to consider obtaining additional coverage through your credit card or purchasing it through the rental company.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the size of the camper van you choose. It will impact how many people it sleeps with, how much gas it uses, and your space inside. Some companies also offer add-ons like coolers and camping stoves. Some rental companies have a variety of vehicles to choose from, while others focus on making campervans affordable for everyone.

If you’re looking for something specific, like a manual transmission with a high-top roof, ask the rental company if it is available. If they don’t, you might be able to find a similar model at a different rental company. Also, ask about any extra fees, like airport shuttles, if applicable.

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