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A person’s history on one page

Each person or company in your address book has a page in Timetonote. You, and everyone in your team, can add new notes or review previous notes about this contact or add tasks about this contact. You might enter notes about conversations, calls, meetings or anything important that should be part of this contact's history.

Step 1

Add tasks and get things done

On the tasks page you can see all your upcoming tasks, all your team's upcoming tasks and your completed tasks. On the side bar you can also add a new task that you or someone in your team has to do. When finished, check them off.

Step 2

Add a new person in seconds

You and your team interact with many people from different companies, each of them important to your business. Add all of them in Timetonote.

Step 3

Everything you know about a company and anyone in the company on one page

The company page lists all the people you know at this company. All the notes and completed tasks about anyone at this company or about the company are listed in this company’s history.

Step 4

The Dashboard is your bird’s eye view

The Dashboard shows you the latest activity in your company and your upcoming tasks. You can also search for any past activity and you can add new people and tasks in the side bar.

Step 5

Projects group related stuff together

Projects help you group notes, tasks and people together, on one screen.

Step 6

Create users for your team members and start working together

You can create users for all your colleagues or co-workers. Timetonote gets better the more people in your company use it. Work together and see the power of Timetonote for yourselves.

Step 7

Sharing in Timetonote

You can specify the groups of users with whom you want to share people, companies, notes, emails and tasks.

Step 8