Send emails to Timetonote

How do I store emails sent to and received from contacts?

Timetonote has a dropbox which allows you to keep a history of emails you receive and send to your contacts. Each user has a unique dropbox email address, this is how Timetonote knows who that email is from. To find your dropbox email address go to the contacts page or to a any contact's page, and on the side bar, you can see your contacts dropbox information.

There are two usage cases:

1. Sending emails to your contacts

CC or BCC your dropbox and Timetonote extracts the contacts from the TO list of email addresses of the email and stores the email in Timetonote for those contacts:

BCC dropbox

Tip: Click on your contact's email address in Timetonote, and your email client will open with the contact and dropbox addresses filled automatically for you. To configure the email client you use click on Settings link (top right corner in the app) and choose your option:

Google Mail

2. Receiving emails from your contacts

Forward the email to your drop box address and the email will be attached to the contact who sent it. To find this contact, Timetonote will extract the contact name and email from the "From:" section of the email's body (e.g. From: Lucian Baciu <lucianbaciu@timetonote.com>) included automatically in the body of the email:

BCC dropbox

Tip: You can set up Gmail filter rules to automatically forward emails you receive from your contacts to your Timetonote dropbox.

What if the contact is not found in Timetonote?

If the contact, the email should be attached to, is not found in Timetonote, it will be created automatically. Timetonote finds the contacts to attach the email to, by their email address.

Does it work with more than one contacts, how about file attachments?

Yes, if you send an email to more than one contact and CC or BCC your dropbox the email will be attached to all the right contacts. Emails can also have file attachements. They will be stored along with your email in Timetonote. The storage used for these files counts towards your account storage space.

Can I CC, BCC or forward an email directly to a project?

Yes, each project has a unique dropbox email address. To find a project's dropbox, go to that project's page and you'll see the dropbox information on the sidebar. Timetonote will automatically attach emails sent to this dropbox to the right project.

Can I create a task via email?

Yes, to create a task via email replace the "dropbox" in your dropbox address with "task+today" or "task+tomorrow", for example: task+today123456789@timetonote.appspotmail.com. You can write the task text either in the email subject or body, or both. For example:

Create task

Can I create the email as private to a group?

Yes, if you want the email to be visible to only a group add a "/group" followed by the group name line at the top of the email body. For example: "/group Sales":