Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my information be secure and confidential?

Access to Timetonote is protected via a username and password. Only once you successfully login to Timetonote can you access your data. Your data is stored on Google's infrastructure, meaning you get the best data centers in the world and the best security engineers in the world.

Is there an offline version I can download?

Timetonote is proudly an online tool that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. You have to signup for the online version to use Timetonote.

Is Timetonote available in other languages besides English?

Yes, you can change the language using the “Change language” select box under the "Settings page". Timetonote also allows UTF-8 character sets so you can enter content in any language.


Can I search through all notes/email/completed tasks in all the contacts history?

Yes you can. On the dashboard page you a have a search history text box. There, you can enter any text from any note, email or completed task about any contact and hit the enter.

Can I specify a date for a new note I want to add?

Yes, when you add a note you can specify a date when it happened. First, you’ll have to click on the “Show options” link right under the add note text box to see the date selection controls.

I forgot to add something to the new note I’ve just added. Can I edit the note? How?

Yes, you can. Each note displayed in the history list of a person or company or in the dashboard has these “Edit | Delete” links under it. Click on the “Edit” link, edit the note and save your changes.

Can notes and completed tasks be deleted from history?

Yes, they can, just click on the “Delete” link under the note or completed task you want to delete.

Can I edit or delete someone else’s data?

To edit or delete data (i.e. contacts, projects, tasks, notes, emails, completed tasks, labels or categories) created by someone else you need the "Can edit/delete data created by other users?" permission enabled for your user.


What are labels? How can I use them?

Labels are keywords that allow you to organize your contacts in a way that makes sense to you. For example, you can set a “Client” label to all your clients. Each contact can have any number of labels. Clicking on a label will show you all the contacts with that label. To add labels to a contact go to the contacts page or the the contact's page and click on “Apply labels”.

How can I rename or delete labels?

Click on "Edit labels" in the left navigation bar to add, rename or delete labels. Note that deleting a label will not delete the contacts with that label. They will just no longer have that label.

How can I edit a person or a company?

On every contact page there is an “Edit this person” or an “Edit this company” button. Click this button to edit the contact.

How can I delete a person? What happens to all the notes and tasks for that person?

Under “More options” you will see a “Delete this person” link. Click this link to delete the person. Note that you will only see the “Delete this person” link if you created this person or if you have the permission to delete other user's data. Users who do not have this permission can only delete people they created.

Can I add a person without specifying a company?

Yes, you can. People in your address book don’t have to be attached to a company. Later, if you choose to, you can specify a company for this person.

Can I add companies without people?

Yes, you can. When you add a new company, there will be no people in that company.

Can I import or export my contacts?

Yes. On the left navigation side bar you'll find the "Import contacts" link. Timetonote supports importing contacts from any CSV file, just make sure the first row is the headers row. To export contacts click on "Export contacts" under "More optins" on the Contacts page.


What’s the difference between a task about a contact and one that is not about any contact?

Tasks added on a person or company page are tasks about that person or company. This just means that you will see a link to that person or company next to that task. Tasks added on the "Add task" page are not about anyone. They’re just general tasks.

What are task categories? How do I add, rename or delete a task category?

You can organize your tasks into categories such as “Call”, “Meeting”, “Email”, or anything else you want. Task categories will help you to quickly get an idea of what every task action is on one look over the tasks. To edit task categories click the “Edit categories” link, in the left navigation side bar.

Can I see the tasks assigned to other users in my account?

Yes, you can. On the tasks page select “All” under "tasks for:", this will display all the upcoming tasks for all the members of your team. You will see, for each task, who created the task, who is responsible for the task and the person or company the task is about.

Can I see all my completed tasks?

You, select “Completed” under "Show" on the tasks page to see all your completed tasks.

Can I change when a task is due as well as other details about a task?

Yes, you can, if you have the permission to edit all data or you created the task or you are responsible for the task. You will see an “Edit” link right next to the task. Click this link, edit the task and save the changes. Note that you will not see this link if you can’t edit this task.

Can I delete tasks?

Yes, you can, if you have the permission to delete data you created the task or you are responsible for the task. Select the task(s) and then click on “Delete tasks” under "More options".


How can I control what permissions a user has in Timetonote?

To control a user's permissions click on the "Users" link in the left navigation side bar. For each user you can control if he/she can edit or delete data created by other users, if he/she can manage users, manage groups, export history, export contacts or sync contacts.

What does the "Can edit/delete data created by other users?" permission mean?

This permission enables a user to edit or delete all data in Timetonote. Disabling this permission for a user means the user can only edit or delete data that he/she created. Data refers to contacts, contact labels, projects, project labels, upcoming tasks, task categories, notes, emails and completed tasks.

What does the "Can manage users?" permission mean?

This permission enables a user to invite edit or delete users. Disabling this permission for a user means the user does not have access to the users page and can not invite, edit or delete users.

What does the "Can manage groups?" permission mean?

This permission enables a user to create groups and edit the member users of those groups. Disabling this permission for a user means the user does not have access to the groups page can not create groups. A user can not have private data if this permission is disabled.

What happens when I delete a user to all contacts, notes or tasks created by this user?

Nothing, only the user name and password used to log in the application are deleted. The person in your address book associated with this user account is not deleted; it will just no longer have a user. Note that the account owner user can not be deleted.