Log notes from a call with a potential customer

You get a phone call. It's a new contact, a potential customer, asking for details about one of your products. You present your product to your potential customer and arrange a product presentation for next week.

You want to remember this potential customer, so you create a new person adding the person's name and contact information.

Add person

Once you’ve created the person, you can enter your notes about the conversation you’ve just had with this potential customer. Later, you can review what you’ve talked with this person or you can search for this conversation if you don’t remember the person’s name. And most importantly: no more post-in notes on your monitor.

Add note

You’ll also want to set a task for the next week presentation about this person. Only, it’s not you who will present your product, but your colleague Cristina, so you set her as responsible for this task.

Add task

All your colleagues will now know about the new potential customer, they’ll know what you’ve talked about and that you’ve arranged a product presentation. Cristina will see her new task about the presentation scheduled for next week. And most importantly: everyone is on the same page as you are.

Find the person you need to call and review your colleague’s notes about him/her before calling

You need to call Tina to change an order placed at Tina’s company. You’ll need Tina’s phone number. So, you do a search by her name:

Search person

Review your colleagues’ notes and completed tasks about Tina before calling.

Review notes

After you make the call and change the order, you can come back to Timetonote and log notes about the call. Knowing when you, or your colleagues, last spoke with someone, and what was discussed, is very important and makes you well prepared for business.